Travelhouse Suitcase Hardshell Luggage Set, Deep blue

Travelhouse Suitcase Hardshell Luggage Set, Deep blue

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The product details have been meticulously crafted. The sleek horizontal curvature design features a glossy finish, minimizing the likelihood of the luggage encountering impacts due to its edgeless and cornerless appearance. Furthermore, a convenient hand-held hook is located on the side, allowing you to hang additional hand-held packages. Additionally, four sturdy placing feet on the side of the luggage have been incorporated, ensuring enhanced durability and reducing wear and tear when the luggage is set down.

  • A typical luggage set consists of three pieces, each designed for a specific purpose: a large suitcase for long trips, a medium-sized bag for shorter excursions, and a smaller carry-on for in-flight essentials.
  • Ensure your belongings are protected with the side mounted TSA lock, allowing for TSA inspections without damaging the lock. The zippers are also designed to resist piercing from sharp objects, ensuring your privacy and the safety of your items.

Product Dimensions:

30.30 x 20.00 x 11.80 in

23.90 lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

31.00 x 21.00 x 12.00 in


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