Studio Wildcard ARK: Ultimate Survior Edition (Xbox One)

Studio Wildcard ARK: Ultimate Survior Edition (Xbox One)

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Experience everything that the ARK franchise has to offer in this definitive collection! Tame and ride primeval creatures as you explore savage lands, team up with other players to compete in epic tribal battles, and travel together on the greatest Dinosaur filled adventure of all time.

  • ARK: The Ultimate Survivor Edition includes ARK: Survival Evolved, along with these huge Expansion Packs: Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2. All updated and optimized with every improvement made since the launch of the base game, adding up to thousands of hours of gameplay!
  • From primordial island jungles to the futuristic gardens of an interstellar starship, every sprawling environment is here for you to conquer! Discover the hundreds of unique species roaming these lands, from the prehistoric to the fantastical, and learn how to befriend these creatures, or to defeat them. Complete your collection of notes and dossiers left by past explorers to learn the surprising history of the ARKs. Test your tribe and your beasts in battle with every boss challenge from the franchise!
  • Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive the ultimate ARK experience?
  • ARK: Ultimate Survior Edition, Studio Wildcard, Xbox Series X, Xbox One
  • Manufacturer: Studio Wildcard

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