Pro Fit Flex 180 Multi Angle Percussion Massager w/ 6 heads

Pro Fit Flex 180 Multi Angle Percussion Massager w/ 6 heads

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Pro-active. Pro-health. Pro-fitness. Do you want to take control of your physical fitness and overall wellness? Whatever your situation, using the ProFit Massage Gun Elite is an excellent first step toward that. Physical therapy, muscle recovery, relaxation, and enhanced athletic performance are all possible with this portable handheld massager. You will be able to target specific areas on your body with the four interchangeable massage head attachments, as well as multi-level vibration frequencies (with three separate arm angles). Relieve long-lasting pain relief, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation in hard-to-reach areas such as between shoulder blades, dense leg muscles, and more. This is the ideal massaging solution–whether you’re an office worker or a serious athlete, the ProFit Massage Gun Elite provides a convenient way to promote a healthier body.

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7.00 x 6.50 x 2.50 in

0.80 lbs

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