Paramount Hawaii Five-O (2010): The Sixth Season, (DVD)

Paramount Hawaii Five-O (2010): The Sixth Season, (DVD)

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    • The complete sixth season of the CBS police procedural drama reboot HAWAII FIVE-0 is featured in this release
    • This season continues following an elite crime fighting task force on the islands
    • stars series regulars Alex O'Laughlin, Scott Caan, and Daniel Dae Kim
    • Hawaii Five-0&lsquo
    • s sixth season finale had its usual brand of danger and comedy with a few interesting twists thrown in for good measure
    • The criminals all either died or disappeared, and one very particular criminal got what he claimed was closure. Can any of them be trusted though
    • A meth epidemic is quickly running rampant on the island
    • A junkie of all people shoots Gabriel, who is hiding out in an abandoned warehouse
    • Gabriel is actually grateful when Five-0 shows up because he is both injured and in need of rescuing from Michelle Shioma&rsquo
    • s people
    • Five-0 has to shoot their way out of the building

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