Lenovo 62AFKAT2US ThinkVision S27e-20 LED HDMI FHD Monitor 27 in.

Lenovo 62AFKAT2US ThinkVision S27e-20 LED HDMI FHD Monitor 27 in.

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27 in. FHD In-Plane Switching 3-side NearEdgeless, HDMI, VGA and Audio Out ports, TV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certified.

Employee happiness and productivity go hand in hand. Put the right monitor in front of your workforce and itll work as a force for good, empowering them to be happier and better in their job. Enter ThinkVision S27e-20. The next generation of this excellent performer, upgraded with new form factor and functionality. Its sleek design and compact features are crafted to help employees get right down to business.

First off, its head design is twice as slim as the generation it replaces. While its 3-side NearEdgeless panel display with ultra-slim bezels makes navigating spreadsheets over two screens an effortless task, eliminating actual physical obstacles to productivity. Sharing a screen for any number of employees becomes more effective, because its 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution In-Plane Switching panel displays images to everyone, no matter what angle theyre standing, or sitting, to the screen with no color distortion.

User experience is considered in every detail. The monitors stand now sits higher above the desk and tilts to provide the best viewing position. Its square base and small footprint add stability while minimizing desk real estate. Then it goes one better by incorporating a handy phone rack for users convenience. On the subject of other devices, the S27e-20 offers effortless connection to PCs and laptops through both HDMI and VGA ports, making your presentations, video files and spreadsheets easy to manage and deliver. For quality sound delivery, the monitor outputs to speakers and headphones through Audio Out port. And all those resulting cables can be hidden away through the stands integrated cable management system to keep desks clutter-free.

Product Dimensions:

27.00 x 17.50 x 5.50 in

13.80 lbs

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28.00 x 18.50 x 6.50 in


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