Lasko LP300 HEPA Filter Room Air Purifier With Total Protect Filtration, White

Lasko LP300 HEPA Filter Room Air Purifier With Total Protect Filtration, White

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Indoor air is dirty. We make it clean. The HEPA Air Purifier from Lasko provides Total Protect Filtration to protect your home from The Invisible 8 - the top airborne irritants common in most home environments. True HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of airborne irritants, including allergens, smoke, odors, VOCs, pet dander, pollen, dust and mold spores. This high-performance air purifier features simple electronic controls, 3-speeds and an 8-hour timer. Its 115 CADR rating means that this purifier is capable of cleaning dirty indoor air quickly and efficiently. Plus, the auto check filter reminder helps you know the best time to change your filters.

  • True HEPA filtration - indoor air is dirty, Lasko makes it clean
  • Captures 99.97% of airborne irritants
  • 3-cleaning speeds
  • 8-hour adjustable timer
  • Auto check filter reminder
  • Ideal for home offices, bedrooms and other living spaces
  • TotalProtect filtration protects your home from the 8 most common household air problems
  • Captures smoke, odors, VOCs, allergens, pet dander, pollen, dust and mold spores Tested with Staph Epidermidisa, Escherichia Coli, Aspergillus Niger, and MS-2
  • Features Lasko's trusted, safety fuse technology
  • Simple electronic controls with digital display
  • Ideal for rooms up to 170 sq. ft.

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21.60 x 10.30 x 7.30 in

9.40 lbs

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22.10 x 10.80 x 7.80 in


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