GZWSQC Blowing Rechargeable Hand held Vacuum (Black)

GZWSQC Blowing Rechargeable Hand held Vacuum (Black)

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Functional Attachments:Small car vacuum with different clean accessories,according to different clean needs to use different clean attachments.

Automatic Lighting:This handheld vacuum equipped with led light.it will automatically turn on with power on.let the dust visible in the dark corner,nowhere to hide.

Multi-Purpose & Easy to Use:Not take up space,provide comprehensive protection for your home/office/bathroom/carpet/sofa/keyboard.

Washablefilte and Removable:The hand-held vacuum cleaner is equipped with detachable, washable and reusable HEPA filter. And it can be reused after cleaning, and maintain the same suction power.

  • To extend cordless vacuum cleaner service life, you should give it a break after 15 minutes of continuous operation.
  • The filter can be cleaned and reused. Clean the filter screen in time to avoid affecting the dedusting efficiency
  • The vacuum cleaner absorbs moisture/dryness. After absorbing the liquid, remove the front cover and drain the water in time.

Product Dimensions:

11.80 x 3.90 x 11.90 in

1.10 lbs

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12.00 x 4.20 x 12.00 in


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