Eufy T2275Z11 Clean L50 SES with 60 Day Self-Empty Station

Eufy T2275Z11 Clean L50 SES with 60 Day Self-Empty Station

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Experience spotless, hands-free floorcare using the eufy RoboVac L50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Empty Station (5.51 lb). Ideal for hardwood floors and carpets, enjoy up to 60 days* of hands-free cleaning as the robot vacuum's impressive 4,000 Pa** suction power collects dirt and crumbs then auto empties into a dust bag within the separate bin. You gain clean floors with minimal maintenance.

  • Up to 60 Days* Hands-Free Cleaning: Dust and debris are automatically sealed in a large dust bag designed to last up to 60 days before replacing
  • 4,000 Pa Ultra-Powerful Suction: Up to 4,000 Pa of suction tackles everything from dust to crumbs for deeper cleaning
  • Precise i-Path Laser Navigation: Precisely map your home with advanced LiDAR, which detects objects to effortlessly clean around them
  • Customizable AI. Map 2.0: Customize your cleaning experience by selecting rooms to clean, No-Go Zones, and multi-floor mapping
  • Boost-IQ Technology: Automatically increase suction power for different surfaces for maximum cleaning efficiency

Product Dimensions:

12.80 x 12.80 x 2.80 in

5.50 lbs

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13.00 x 13.00 x 3.00 in


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