Bare Home Weighted Blanket, Black, 80" x 87" - 25 lbs

Bare Home Weighted Blanket, Black, 80" x 87" - 25 lbs

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Bare Home 25lb Weighted Blanket for Adults - 80" x 87" - Minky Fleece, Black

  • Soothing Comfort: A weighted blanket provides gentle, comforting pressure that can help to reduce tossing and turning, making it easier to fall and stay asleep. Made with all-natural materials such as cotton fabric and irritant-free filling, it is gentle on the skin and will not irritate those with sensitivities. And beyond its practical uses, a weighted blanket also works as a calming tool for toddlers and children, helping to soothe them like a gentle hug.
  • How To Choose: The weight of the blanket should be about 10% of your body weight. For example, a 150 lb adult would use a 15 lb weighted blanket, and a 65 lb child would use a 7 lb weighted blanket. The blanket should be no longer in size than the top of your mattress and should not hang over the sides of your bed. Please reference our chart to determine which blanket is right for you.
  • Unique Design: The structure of Bare Home Weighted Blanket is designed with reinforced stitching to prevent beads from shifting or leaking while you are sleeping. Smaller pockets allow for even distribution of weight over the surface of the body. Our blanket features corner loops that can be used to secure a Bare Home Duvet Cover with corner ties. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified free from harmful chemicals and dyes. Label ID: BJ025 166847
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Hand wash or dry clean if needed. Hang dry or air dry. Pair with a Bare Home duvet cover or weighted blanket cover in the appropriate size to protect your weighted blanket and reduce cleaning time.

Product Dimensions:

87.00 x 80.00 x 1.00 in

25.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

40.00 x 20.00 x 3.00 in


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