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BlackBerry PlayBook RDJ21WW 32GB Wi-Fi 7in – Black

The BlackBerry PlayBook 7″ Touchscreen Tablet is packed with best in class features that work together to deliver a truly unique tablet experience. 

BlackBerry PlayBook RDJ21WW 32GB Wi-Fi 7in - Black

Product Description

The BlackBerry PlayBook 7" Touchscreen Tablet is packed with best in class features that work together to deliver a truly unique tablet experience. Access the Internet, read ebooks, or watch video files on this tablet. Power-packed with a 1GHz dual core processor this BlackBerry tablet delivers optimum performance. It also boasts of HD video recording capability with dual-facing cameras. The new BlackBerry Tablet OS makes multitasking easier and simpler with a user friendly interface. You can experience stunning multimedia clarity and performance on the 7" ultra portable design. With a memory storage space of 32GB memory, this BlackBerry tablet provides enough space to store all your media files. Enjoy a versatile range of rich apps specifically developed for this BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB Tablet. For BlackBerry smartphone users, this tablet has a lot more to offer than the PlayBook experience.

It allows them to access BlackBerry services such as BBM, email, contact and more on the large display. The vivid 7-inch high-resolution display, 4-fingered multi-touch gesture support and ultra-fast wireless-N Wi-Fi support make this tablet a worthy choice.
BlackBerry PlayBook 7" Tablet With 32GB Memory:
1GHz Dual-Core Processor32GB On-Board Storage Memory7" color touchscreen, 1024x600 TFT LCD Screen with LED backlight and Multi-touch capacitive screenBuilt-in 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi & Bluetooth v2.1 EDR
Additional 32GB PlayBook Features:
5MP & 3MP cameras supporting 1080p HD video recording with 2.5x digital zoom, image stabilization, screen modes and geo-tagging supportMicro USB, Headphone & Micro HDMI out ConnectorsGPS & Wi-Fi Geo LocationWeighs 425grams or .9lbs
Software & Applications:
BlackBerry tablet OS offering multi-processing for true multitaskingAdobe Flash Player 10.1, built-in support for HTML 5 with no-compromise rendering of text, graphics and videoCodec support for superior media playback, creation and video calling1080p HD video; H.264, MPEG4, WMV HDMI video outputOut-of-the-box compatibility with BlackBerry Enterprise Server with seamless pairing for a secure window into your BlackBerry smartphoneWirelessly connect to your BlackBerry smartphone for real time access to: Email, calendar, address book, task list and BBM
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2.3 lbs
7.6 x 5.1 x 0.38 in
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    Thank you for your review!
    By CCofD on October 16, 2013
    Source: Walmart

    This is the best purchase I’ve ever made. An absolute steal for the money. It’s like a mini laptop of the highest quality. The price on this was $599 when it was introduced in 2011. I could care less about the supposed lack of apps. The size, feel and build are perfect. The OS is perfect. The Internet browsing is wonderful. The speakers are great. The screen quality is amazing. The email works beautifully. The talk about long startup time is ridiculous. I just swipe from the standby mode, no problem. I can’t think of any product that can do so much so well for this price. It befuddles me why people are so negative about BlackBerry products. They are top of the line quality all the way. Even with their recent financial troubles they will survive. Quality and true value always win in the end. I bought one for $169 last year. Use it everyday at home and work. Just bought 2 more 32gb at $129 as presents for family members. Have played around with friends iPads and Nexus. IPad is cumbersome in size and nowhere as slick as this gesture based device. Nexus was like a toy. I previously owned an inexpensive android device. Absolutely no comparison.

    By Shumby on January 27, 2013
    Source: Walmart

    Using this tablet for several weeks, I can confirm I made the right choice for my needs. After trying all contenders, the blackberry playbook 32G won by a nose and this is why. The case is sturdy metal, feels substantial, does not flex. The screen is gorgeous, bravo, brightness and contrast make text crisp and color images pop. Finger response is first rate, but not overly sensitive either, I like the fingerswipe sideways to close an app, intuitive. The system upgraded at first start, took only a few minutes, and now more apps than I will ever need are available. FB, the browser itself, and my email client (gmail) work perfectly, and tethers with bluetooth to most cellphones, mine is a samsung g3. Wi-fi is strong, connecting, and maintaining a connection at home or on the go without a hitch. The sound is very loud and clear, with nice response- great for gaming, music, movies, whatever, frankly puts apple and nexus 7 to shame, and there are 2 speakers, not 1. I have the rapid charging stand which is twice as fast(a charge lasts hours btw), and provides a nice pedestal to perch while not in use. I did not have any issues as some mentioned with the standard plug in charger, it was tight and secure, but I could see where the connector could break if bent at the insertion point. I purchased the playbook because of past experience with the brand, the perceived quality, nice price, software updates, processor speed, and just a general balance of design and function. Many will underestimate blackberry, and I think apple already has. Schools and businesses are snapping up the units for a reason, these are sturdy and secure. I realize the market has many choices, the hd nook, the kindle fire, and the nexus 7 I feel were close in usability, and may suit those who will spend more time in the B&N, Amazon, and Google worlds. The nook hd felt sleek and light but flimsy, the nexus has only one weak sounding speaker, and the kindle hd was slow and heavy. My plans are to use this for travel and home convenience, so extra doo-dads do not impress me, but the quality and intuitive simplicity do.

    By gaa53871 on November 26, 2012
    Source: Walmart

    When I first received the Playbook, I was very disappointed that I could not access my Google Apps store because the Playbook uses its own proprietary software. But then I discovered that someone created a website that converts Android apps to Playbook “.bar” files. All the apps I use on my Android tablet work on the Playbook after converting, so now I really love it! There is not much you can do to the layout but change the wallpaper. But I don’t really care about that. One thing I really like is being able to swipe from the bottom and either minimize or close an app. It is really handy, I can be playing Angry Birds and bring up the camera without having to quit. I can also close apps without worrying that they are accidentally running in the background. Overall, it is totally worth the 159 I paid for it. I don’t think I would love it as much if I had paid 300 or more…

    By tiredgrandma on November 12, 2011
    Source: Walmart

    This was my anniversary present, and my husband was lucky to get it at such a great price. $200 off normal price. But the playbook is fantastic. Bridges off my blackberry so I can use it even if I don’t have wifi available. Only drawback, had to get wifi for home in order to set it up. Tons of apps for free on blackberry appworld. Can’t be beat for games and just plain fun. Has wonderful organizer plus more available. The free apps are fantastic, everything from games, to shopping, to the Bible, there seems to be something available for everyone. LOVE IT!!!!

    By Alivenkikin on June 17, 2011
    Source: Walmart

    Excellent product. It is exactly what I expected and the experience using it for business and entertainment keeps getting better as they roll out the updates.

    As a matter of fact, I am typing my review on the Playbook.

    Excellent and easy to master user interface. Outstanding portability. Photos and videos taken with the Playbook are of the highest quality and resolution. Word to Go, etc., easy to use and I look forward to updates increasing the power of the Playbook for business.

    The best thing by far is the Bridge application, which enables me to browse and use the internet, to reply to email, update calendar and contacts, and send messages via BlackBerry Messenger without paying an additional fee (e.g., 3G or tethering) via my BlackBerry Storm 2.

    I am a BlackBerry user, have been for years, and never wanted to use or purchase an iPhone or an iPad. I waited for the Playbook since last fall’s announcement specifically because I knew it would meet my needs better than any Apple product.