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Apple Beats Solo2 Blue Wired On Ear Headphones MHBJ2AM/A

These Beats Solo 2 On-Ear Headphones are a wonderful choice for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go. Comfortable and easy to wear, they use new technology to provide excellent audio. The newly redesigned lightweight on-ear headphones now feature updated and improved acoustics, so you can feel your music at a wider range of sound. This results in the ability to experience crisp, enhanced clarity. The look of these black Beats Solo 2 on-ear headphones is sleek and streamlined, making them equally appropriate for professionals and the average consumer. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods, features that make them ideal for tuning in on your morning commute on the train or your walk in the park.

Apple Beats Solo2 Blue Wired On Ear Headphones MHBJ2AM/A

Product Description

Beats Solo 2 On-Ear Headphones:
  • Updated acoustics for enhanced clarity
  • These black Beats Solo 2 Headphones are streamlined, lightweight design for improved comfort
  • Durable and compact folding design for easy portability
  • Can be worn when jogging, running or at the gym
  • Lightweight on-ear headphones are ideal for people who like to listen to music on the go
  • Neutral color and sleek design matches with most devices
  • Designed for long use
1.85 lbs
31.2 x 22.6 x 15 in
90-Day Warranty

A 90-day Warranty is included for free with every product on VIPOUTLET. Yup, we are confident in our refurbishment.

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    Thank you for your review!
    By shirley on July 18, 2016
    Source: Walmart

    I bought my daughter a pair of Beats Solo 2 at Christmas. In less than 5 months, one side had stopped working. I am in the process of trying to return to Beats. The sound quality was great, but for the price, these ought to last longer.

    By 2BestFriends on July 1, 2016
    Source: Walmart

    I purchased a set of these Solo2 beats as a Christmas present for my 8 y/o son. I also wear them sometimes when I mow the yard. They come with a nice foam-cloth like zippered case. They are corded. The cord can be unplugged from the headphones which is a nice feature. The cord is straight on one end and L shaped on the other.
    My son uses the straight end to plug in to our iPAD which is in a thick case and the L shaped end is plugged into the headphones. They have a 1 y/r mfg warranty. These headphones sound pretty good. They are very comfortable. They fold up conveniently when not in use. They adjust down small enough fit a 2nd graders head and adjust out long enough to fit an average adult.

    The headband is made of plastic and is susceptible to breakage where the screw mount the headband to the ear piece. Ours broke after just 6 months of light use. According to Apple (who owns Beats), this is not covered under their warranty. So buyer beware. You may want to opt for the Assurian warranty from Walmart. Thankfully we did. The Assurian warranty folks did not repair or send replacement headphones. I was emailed a UPS shipping label and within 24 hours of shipping, I received an email with a Walmart e-Card refunding my total purchase price (you can also opt for a reimbursement check which takes longer to receive).

    Perhaps the headband breaking on the headphones was a fluke so we are going to purchase another one of the same model and hope for the best. If the second pair breaks, there is no strike three and we’ll move to a different model or brand.

    By Niki on June 21, 2016
    Source: Walmart

    Love these headphones!! They are lightweight and very clear!! Also I love how trey food up!

    By BG25 on January 18, 2016
    Source: Walmart

    My daughter compared several pair of headphones before choosing these. She wanted a bluetooth set but the Beats bluetooth weren’t in the price range we set for her gift. She really, really wanted bluetooth but these were so much better (the others were very highly rated Sony’s) she gave up the bluetooth for the sound quality she got with these. She said the bass was just so much richer and the sound was great overall. These were also on the ear and she thought she wanted around the ear because her current pair hurt when she wore them for any length of time. She said the design of these were very comfortable and they don’t bother her ears at all. She is absolutely loving these earphones, said the Beats reputation is not a gimmick, really are better.

    By Prizem on June 12, 2015
    Source: Walmart

    I was hesitant at first to get these since Beats have historically been of poor sound quality with overwhelming bass. But I tried these on at BestBuy and was surprised at how much better their sound quality is! If you like bass and want something good under $200, these on-ear headphones are likely the best you’ll find.

    I personally love my ATH-M50x headphones, but these beats put up a good fight with a warm, clear audio quality that’s complimented nicely with an extra kick of bass that doesn’t take over. These are FUN headphones that are very enjoyable to listen to.

    The pads are very soft and larger than typical on-ear headphones. And the band is exceptionally soft as well. Put together, although I prefer over-ear, I can listen to these for hours without much discomfort. I bought this pair from Walmart since they still give extended warranties for it, while BestBuy stopped giving any extended warranty option in early 2015.