Household Essentials Woven Paper Rope Lined Stairstep Basket with Lid, Dark Brown Stain
    Clear your stair clutter safely and attractively with the Household Essentials lidded stair step basket. The stair step basket features two compartments to hold both large and small items. The tightly woven construction and carrying handle make the stair step basket built for durability and mobility. And the two compartment lids keep your items stowed out of sight and out of mind. You'll never trip on piles of stair clutter again with the Household Essentials stair step basket. The two lidded compartments and strong construction are built to handle and hide even your most monstrous stair collections of items and do-dads. The attractive stain finish and rounded front design mean that even your most catastrophic clutter collections have a secure and eye-catching place to hang out to keep your stairs debris free! Perfect for anything that finds its way to your staircase, the stair step basket can handle everything from shoes and mail, to keys and sunglasses. Have multiple household members? Place a couple of these sanity-saving baskets on the stairs and designate one for each family member. At the end of the day - or on cleaning day - each member can simply grab his or her basket and take the contents up to where they belong. No unsightly item avalanches will come rolling down your stairs again with this convenient and beautiful lidded stair step basket! Your stairs will remain safe for climbing and look well-kept with this basket to thank. At Household Essentials, we work hard to design products that will keep your busy life clean and clear of clutter. Your stairs will be magazine-spread beautiful with help from the rounded front lidded stair step basket. Let the clutter fall from your hands and into this basket for a convenient way to maintain your grand (or baby grand) staircase. Enjoy your home clutter-free, from our Household to yours.
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