Ideal Security SK698 Wireless Motion Sensor Alert Set
    The Ideal Security interior monitor alert is a simple and convenient device to add security to your home, cottage, apartment or small business. Up to 6 sensors, detectors or remote controls can be linked to the sensor in individual zones. Each zone will make its own sound to help identify which sensor or remote has been triggered or activated. This is not an alarm, but a chime. The set includes 2 indoor / outdoor motion sensors, 2 remote controls, and one monitor/alert. An AC adapter for the alert and batteries for the sensors and remotes are included. Each of the sensors and remotes has been factory linked to the alert (they can be changed). The range from the sensors to the alert is approximately 150 ft., depending on walls and levels. Two additional sensors or detectors can be linked to the alert: choose sensors for water, temperature, doors and windows or additional motion sensors and remotes, a total of 6. The alert has 6 distinct sounds. If you want to use this for a business entrance, select zone #3. This is a DING DONG sound that does not repeat. All other sounds will repeat in a cycle until you reset using the REMOTE or turning the alert off and back on. The motion sensors are pre-linked to Zone 1 and 2. The remote controls to zones 4 and 5. All additional sensors are available on-line. Once the system is set up, if you would like a loud siren for additional protection, you can add the SK626 wireless siren. The wireless alert set will let you know what is going on around your home so that you can take any necessary action. Ideal Security has a complete line of home security and protection products that are easy and quick to set up and use. Our customer service will be pleased to offer any assistance with set up via e-mail or by phone. The alert sounds are as follows Zone 1: DiDi, Zone 2: Di-Di, Zone 3: Ding Dong, Zone 4: Di Du, Zone 5: Wu Wu, Zone 6: Di Di Di Du Du Du.
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